Praise for The Fearless Shopper:
“An indispensable guide to the world’s marketplace.”
The Bend Bulletin
“This is a great gift book
for anyone who loves to shop and likes to travel.”
— Judy Babcock Wylie, National Geographic
“[The book] is of keen interest to the budget-minded traveler.”
Annie Dillard-style whimsy
coupled with no-frills, bargain-hunting sensibility.”
— Elizabeth Clark, Kalamazoo Gazette
“Talk about globalization.  
Author Kathy Borrus offers a one-stop guide the world’s marketplace.  
The world just got smaller.”
— June Sawyers, Escape Magazine
“Borrus provides the tips and structure needed
to turn all shopping into an adventure.”
— Lynn O’Connell, Signature
Ms. Borrus “helps her readers dodge the fakes and score the real finds.”
— The People Helper, The Times-Picayune
“Borrus cleverly leads eager readers in a new and more intelligent direction, with instructions on how to buy wisely and most importantly,
how to turn each occasion into an artful learning experience.”
The book is packed with “useful, often overlooked hints.” 
-- Carol Mongo, Paris Voice 
“This is no mere guide to malling it on a crowded holiday weekend.  
Borrus has seen – and shopped – the globe.
— Carole Tarrant, Tampa Tribune
“Borrus teaches all of us how to be smart shoppers.”
Syracuse University Magazine
“For folks who consider no trip complete without shopping,
don’t miss The Fearless Shopper.”
— Victor Zak, Asbury Park Press
Shopping master Kathy Borrus…shares her insider tips.”
Endless Vacation
“Helpful tips for all kinds of bargaining situations.”
— Janis Hashe, L.A. Parent Magazine
“A whimsical, practical guide to shopping.”
Johns Hopkins Magazine
“The book is spiced with amusing anecdotes.”
Museum Store Magazine
“Focusing as much on cultural experiences as products, [the] book covers nearly every region of the world.”
— Judi Dash, Denver Post
“The Fearless Shopper will join the my glove box as
absolute essentials to get me where I’m going (read: shopping.)”
— Elizabeth Clark, Kalamazoo Gazette
The Fearless Shopper
by Kathy Borrus
Shopping for crafts in Africa.